Kal ke sapne aaj bhi aana, by Madhur Trivedi

You will need time and patience for this post as it is – All about Dreams.

Kal ke sapne aaj bhi aana…

Have you ever woken up midway through a beautiful dream and willed yourself to go back to sleep so that you could continue the dream? Or woken up from a nightmare in cold sweat and thanked God that it was only a dream? I’m sure you’ve experienced both and wondered why you dreamt so.

According to a Jewish proverb – an unexamined dream is like an unopened letter. So if we analyse it, we get to read the ‘letter’ from our subconscious mind. And I find that fascinating! Dreaming is a universal phenomenon, and recurring themes and images are symbolic of deeper reasons. Inspired by an article, I thought it would be interesting to share a few interpretations that can help decipher better the meaning of your last dream or nightmare.

Teeth falling out: One of the most common dreams, (I used to have it quite often, not lately though) this is often linked to feelings of insecurity, loss and sudden life changes. Actually, it’s more of a nightmare if you ask me; imagine waking up and thinking–gosh I have no teeth left! It should be seen as a wake-up call to effectively address the issue at hand.

Flying: Dream flying is absolutely incredible and leaves one feeling exhilarated! Connected with freedom and self-confidence, it’s linked to our creative energies. But are you soaring effortlessly or flailing through the air? The first is positive and life-affirming, the second means you need to get a hold of yourself and push forward without fear. Realize your creative energies and soar free!

Running away: How many times have we tried to run away in our dreams? From the monster in the closet or jungle, or from some wicked man chasing after us with a gun or knife? The worst is; you’re trying to escape but your legs turn to jelly and refuse to move. I can tell you, I’ve dreamt this more than once and been ever so grateful to wake up before being attacked!

Well, you can try to re-enter the dream and face the symbolic ‘monster’ or intuitively change the ending to a happier one. Or then wake up and take the ‘monster’ by the collar and throw it out of your life…and your dream.

Houses and Cars: These represent our bodies and a run-down house or a malfunctioning car tells us about the state of our health. That means it’s time to look after yourself and get that comprehensive check-up you’ve been thinking about for a year because knowledge is better than ignorance. Dreaming of driving a car whose brakes fail, points to the dreamer’s inability to slow down in life. Time to take that much-needed break!

Spiders and Bugs: Creepy-crawlies in your dreams means you have a phobia about insects (I’m okay with lizards but I hate cockroaches!) or then something is bothering you. If you dreamt about a bug last night, just ask yourself what’s bugging you and do something about it ?

As for the song, it’s the lovely Waheeda, singing a beautiful Lata-Naushad-Shakeel number.


Originally written on 29 March 2018

Madhur Trivedi is a homemaker who went to school and college in Delhi, where she still lives. She is a fine painter and writer. And a cerebral person, as well as a die-hard music buff

2 thoughts on “Kal ke sapne aaj bhi aana, by Madhur Trivedi

  1. Beautiful post, and an extraordinary song, personifying her dream and all…I had the patience you advised at the start, but learned one more thing about you today, Madhur–that you’re okay with lizards 🙂

    1. Lol! Yes Manek, I’m okay with lizards as long as they don’t fall on me!
      Thanks ever so much for sharing my post, feeling quite thrilled ?

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