Dum bhar jo udhar moohn phere, by Vijay Kumar

Dam bhar jo udhar muh phere…

The Moon at lovers’ beck and call!

She says: Look the other way, O Moon, so that I can love him! 
दम भर जो उधर मुँह फेरे, ओ चन्दा
मैं उनसे प्यार कर लूंगी
बातें हज़ार कर लूँगी!

But he says: Look my way, O Moon, so that I too can love, so that I devour her with my looks!

दम भर जो इधर मुँह फेरे, ओ चन्दा
मै उनसे प्यार कर लूँगा
नज़रें तो चार कर लूँगा

This is amazing. By a mere switch over from udhar to idhar, Shailendra switches over from a facilitating Moon to an abetting Moon! She needs a non-intrusive Moon for a romantic engagement. He needs the Moon to illumine her for a clarity as he loves! But on screen, it is she who looks so animated, raring to go. And he…. a pensive Budha with carnal intent!

But though a thief, he is yet honest in his love and calls upon the Moon to be there as a witness as he steals her smitten heart!

मैं चोर हूँ काम है चोरी
दुनिया में हूँ बदनाम
दिल को चुराता आया हूँ मैं
यही मेरा काम
हो, यही मेरा काम
आना तू गवाही देने ओ चन्दा
मैं उनसे प्यार कर लूँगा…

She is a tad apprehensive, and not so sure if he will not stray from the straight path of love. Therefore she beseeches the Moon to also intervene, to join in the counsel!

दिल को चुरा के खो मत जाना
राह न जाना भूल
इन कदमों से कुचल ना देना
मेरे दिल का फूल
हो, मेरे दिल का फूल
ये बात उन्हें समझा दे ओ चन्दा
मैं उनसे प्यार कर लूँगी…

It’s is a very intense love duet – the intensity being so well articulated in Shailendra’s words. But yet, it owes its cutting edge to Raj-Nargis chemistry, wherein the reel and the real seem to overlap. If flippancy was Nargis’s forte, Raj looks innately possessive. And S-J at that point had a Midas touch!!

Dam bhar jo udhar muh…


Written on 25 August 2017

Exceptional thinker and writer Vijay Kumar was with The Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi, where he resides. He enjoys his children, dotes on his grandchildren, and loves Hindi film songs with meaningful lyrics.


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