Hain sabse madhur wo geet, by Gaurav Sahay

Words fail me in expressing gratitude towards Shailendra, the great lyricist who has often buoyed me with his inspirational words, in every difficult situation that I have faced. He has made a better person out of me. At times I am told that my goodness is being taken advantage of. But my experience is that over time, remaining a good human being pays, if not in material terms at least in terms of contentment and evolution.

My understanding of life is that each one of is a composite of good and bad. Both these conflicting aspects of nature exist concurrently. One has to be lucky in one’s birth to have the ability to witness the good and bad within. At times one’s company, environment, one’s samskar, good parents promote and nurture the goodness within. Shailendra empathizes and facilitates the goodness within…rishta dil se dil ke eitbaar ka…ke mar ke bhi kisi ko yaad aayenge, kisi ke aansuo mein muskuraenge…somehow this has always fascinated me–being remembered after I am gone for my good deeds. Perhaps this stanza lends to the sub-conscious a hazy emotional connect with a life yet to come.

The goodness is also cultivated by the ability to soak pain. The virtue of tolerance is an antithesis to suppression. Such suppression will erupt someday, and is not good for one’s health, whereas tolerance over time will bring mental equanimity, a glow on the face, an attribute of a yogi. Pahalu me paraaye dard basake, hansna hansana sikh zaraa , Tu hansna hansaana sikh zaraa , Toofan se kah de ghir ke uthe ham pyaar ke dip jalaate hai. The woes and sorrows of life inflicted upon us are part of destiny and can act as a source of strength to circumvent the inner turmoil in a better way.

Shailendra has been instrumental in building up my thought process. The simplicity of words, combined with a depth of philosophy is the hallmark of the great man who will continue to inspire us, and I am one of them.


(This essay was penned on 29th August 2016)

Gaurav Sahay is a senior banker who lives in Jaipur. He loves to be inspired by meaningful poetry; in turn, he inspires many around him.

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