Haseen chaand-sitaaron ka waasta aaja, by Dr. Pisharoty Chandran

One of my long lost favourites, rekindled on Shewan Rizvi’s birthday today. lit a bulb in my memory, and I recapped this. Asha’s ‘Aaj jane ki Zid na karo’, always used to remind me of a similar tune, but I was at a loss to put my finger on it.Today, listening to this I’m identifying that tune.This song has also a whiff of the fragrance of Talat’s ‘Mera pyar mujhe lauta do’.

The ending of the line,’Haseen chaand’, brings to memory a rather funny story.The Keralite Communists used to sing an inspirational song in Malayalam, set to the tune of ‘Yahan badla wafa ka bewafai ke siva kya hai’, to commemorate 50 years of birth of the ‘Communist Manifesto’.

It went thus: ‘Communist Manifesto vannittinnekkara noottaandayi’, and ended as Communist Maa…and others used to deride the song as ‘Communist Maa…’.

The song meant that today the Communist Manifesto completes half a century of its existence.

Presenting this Shewan Rizvi-Hafiz Khan-Asha Bhonsle-Talat Mahmood duet, as a tribute to the lyricist.


(Originally written: 14th May 2017)

Dr. Pisharoty Chandran is a Psychiatrist based in Thrissur, Kerala. He is also a gifted singer, besides being a talented photographer.

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