Janam janam ke phere, as seen by Dipak Arya

Bharat Vyas and S.N.Tripathi have made music together in many films, mostly mythologicals. The movie Janam Janam Ke Phere is etched in my memory. In childhood, we were traveling from Africa to India by a ship and it used to take more than 15 days to reach Mumbai those days. Ships were one of the distribution channels through which films were sent overseas. So they used to carry cans of films which were shown to passengers on 16 mm projectors. When we traveled, this probably was the only Hindi movie that the ship carried, as almost every day in the evening this movie was shown on an open deck, with us sitting on the floor. So I must have watched this film umpteen times. Hollywood movies were meant to be shown to the worthies traveling in the first class.

I remember reading an interesting anecdote. The lyricist Bharat Vyas was very upset because his son had not done well in the exams. The son knowing the displeasure of the father ran away and desperate Bharat Vyas was looking for him everywhere. Under such circumstances, he was asked to write lyrics of this song and he wrote ‘Zara saamne to aao chhaliye ‘. There is a lovely line in this song which says ‘hum tumhen chahen tum nahin chaho aisa kabhi na ho sakata, pita apne baalak se bichhad ke sukh se kabhi na so sakata , hamen darne ki jag mein kya baat hai’.

This song was the surprise number one song in the Binaca geetmala finals of 1957, overtaking the music of A grade movies like Pyaasa, Paying Guest, Chori Chori, Basant Bahar, Mother India, Naya Daur, Tumsa Nahin Dekha and many others.This was a stupendous feat for a C grade movie.

(This essay was penned on 18th December 2016).


Dipak Arya is a music-lover and writer of significance. He graduated from Kolkata, and lives in Indore.

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