Khwaab ho tum ya, a musician speaks…Padmanabhan NS

An adlib introduction to the song happens, after which Dev Sahab says, “Antron se ghoom ke jab main mukhde pe aaoon toh mere saath gaayiye”. How more perfect can a party song with chorus start?

And it is always so cool when the crowd cooperates and maintains silence when you are singing in a party and sings along obediently when told… and the females also create nice harmonic chorus lines… wow! What a beautiful song this is 🙂

On a lighter note:

Some disadvantages of knowing to play an instrument:

1. You get called to random parties by random people with the last line of invitation being “guitar zaroor leke aana” 🙂
2. You are the one who drinks the least; You can’t drink while playing, you don’t want to mess the chords/sur, and by the time you finish playing, drinks are over/everyone’s left 🙂

3. While you’re playing, barring a couple of super-enthu music lovers, no one gives a damn about what you’re playing and some constant chapad-chapad is invariably on…once in a while you will also hear a loud cheer and when you look there, it will be for some other random reason 🙂


(This essay was written on was penned on 21st June 2016)

Padmanabhan NS, “Poopsie” to some, “Paddy” to others, is a top executive for Radio City in Mumbai. Besides, he is a good singer and ace guitarist, with his own band called “One Night Stand”.

2 thoughts on “Khwaab ho tum ya, a musician speaks…Padmanabhan NS

  1. This is a huge surprise to me… and a humbling one too – to find your name amidst a list of fantastic musical people!
    and the article LOL!!! wonder how many of my guitar friends would agree on the ‘party singer’ bit 🙂

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