Main zindagi ka saath, by Dr Anil (Nutsure) Satwik

How to choose the best song by Rafi? Impossible, so the next best option is a complete song. I cannot think of any other which can come close to this. It reminded me of my college days when I would smoke like a chimney without understanding the physio-pathological implications of the process leave aside the meaning of lyrics. It also impressed me a lot because that was the first movie I saw with an Indian actor in a double role.

It reminds me of my uncle who was an IAF pilot who lived a carefree life and reinforced my misplaced desire to join the armed forces, not for fighting for the country but for having a batman at your beck and call. It was much later that I really understood the words of wisdom by Sahir. You analyze, you find the gist of Vedic, Dhammapada, Agamas, Bible or Quranic scriptures. Easier said than done, it’s most difficult to reach a stage when you don’t feel the difference between sorrow and happiness. Called Moksha, Kaivalya or Nirvana in various religions. What an ease and lehja of Rafi with music by Jaidev. Its start with musical temple bells giving a reminder of ‘’for whom the bells toll’’. Vijay Anand’s direction and list of credits go on and on, for this complete song by Rafi …

main zindagi kaa saath nibhaataa chalaa gayaa


Originally written for Mohd Rafi’s birthday , one day before, on 23 December 2017

Dr. Nutsure Satwik is a music buff who lives in Delhi. Besides medicine and music, the good doctor is an ace lensman, with a special interest in capturing our feathered friends on his sophisticated camera.

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