Meri yaad mein tum na, by Swapneel Sathe

The specialty in Ameenji’s narration is that he has the skill to use the apt anecdote for a  song. It makes the program more interesting. The listener starts feeling as if this is his own song and it has some connection with his own life. Being a person of artistic/poetic mind, I always love such kind of emotional involvement.
It’s my hobby, especially on Sundays, to go to the nearby railway station and spend a few hours watching trains. There, unbeknown I get involved to the world of trains and tracks. I see two trains coming from one direction. They enjoy a parallel or tandem journey for a few miles. But their togetherness is ephemeral. At a junction point, when I see two trains diverging in different directions and finally disappearing in the dusk, I feel as if they are singing
Juda Meri Manzil, Juda Teri Rahen
Milengi Na Ab Teri Meri Nigahen
Mujhe Teri Duniya Se Hai Door Jana
Na Jee Ko Jalana, Mujhe Bhool Jana ….
This song always moves me to tears. I wonder about the metaphorical connection between trains and human existence. The parting of two gifted and lovely souls is real agony. Nothing is more sorrowful when a very close friend of yours suddenly alienates you for petty reasons. Many times it is only the result of a sheer misunderstanding. This can lead to a situation suggesting everything is finished.
But…if there is a will, there is a way. Every train going away from its home station has to come back one day or another. It is only a temporary phase of life. If your friendship is sincere, if your trust is firm then why to worry, na? It is just like a train lost in foggy weather when all signals are turned on red. You can neither move forward nor backward. You feel as if life has come to a standstill. At such times you have no option but to just wait and watch. But a time will come when the fog of misunderstanding will disappear, as destiny will give its green signal and your train will happily proceed on its way.
(PS: This song is from the film Madhosh (1951). That is the pre Binaca Geetmala era. But later on, Ameenji included this one in his album ‘Binaca Geetmala Hit Parade’)

This preface was written for Ameen Sayani\s birthday on 21st December 2017
Swapneel Sathe is a Chartered Accountant who lives in Pune, with his wife and two children. He is an ace photographer,  loves music and he loves trains. As he jokingly says, “My fascination with trains was so much, I wanted to become a Ticket Collector. Anyway I did become a TC later” When asked how so? Isn’t he an accountant? He says, “Tax Consultant” 🙂

6 thoughts on “Meri yaad mein tum na, by Swapneel Sathe

  1. Wah Swapneel- an excellent treatise. In Mumbai ,it is impossible to watch the going and coming of trains , languorously perched on a bench, as even before you blink, you are dragged out of the station. But yes on occasions, I have done it at Talegaon Station [ where my sister [[now no more]]stayed].Of course I am talking about early eighties, when Talegaon had fewer people and less fewer trains.You sum up that exact feeling , which has bonded me with trains.If only the toilets in the trains are more hygienic and of course less crowded, I wont mind making any journey by train . It is the best place to bond with unknown people and sow the seeds for new friendships. Going back in years, when I was appearing for my Hindi Parichay exam-1963 ,I had written an essay [ in Hindi of course ]about a train journey and having not much experience to fall back on, eloquently worded the journey of DeV Anand and Waheeda Rehman- with her parents in Kala Bazar, ending it with an invitation to the examiner for my marriage- ha ha ha ha. But I got through flying colours securing a first class

  2. One more heart touching article It’s make me nostalgic . Very nicely narrated with live n day today example while reading I had been flowing with the story. As you said correctly departure is unavoidable but yes it start new journey with new peoples new phenomenon Even though trains are different the pinnacle final destination is prefixed and journey is part to reach with promising start. Some time it’s been memorable with nice company and some time would be terrific if we select wrong train. But ultimate truth is that we came alone n have to leave alone. Trust, faith, understanding etc…. always depends and vary from person to person from our end we must be true pure faithful and generous then and then only our journey would be joyful n doesn’t matter how far it would be and what kind of train we are traveling…… Arvind Sitapure.

  3. Vijay, trains fascinate me too, and I tell my wife, if we can go by train instead She is right about those washrooms in Indian trains, but the length of the journey is not an issue 🙂 Glad you like trains too Swapneel will be delighted 🙂

  4. This essay connects at an emotional level. The trains fascinate me too. And I must confide in you that I too at one point thought that tc could be a position I should I aspire for.

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