Phoolon ke rang se, by Kalpana Swamy

In my growing up years I never cared to acknowledge lyricists in Hindi film music. “A Majrooh is Shailendra is Hasrat” was my way of limited knowledge. However with time and with a deeper understanding of the play of words, I have come to realize if the rhythm is mind, lyrics are the soul for a song in Hindi film music, where songs don’t just play for entertainment but tell a story.

Now I make it a point to at least find out the lyricist of a particular song which I enjoy overall. Some songs leave their impact purely through their play of words. Unfortunately (and I mean it) I belong to an era where lyrics are stooped down to a level, where probably even lyricists prefer staying in anonymity. Leaving apart a few thinking lyricists, the majority have succumbed to “food comes first ethics later”.

When you think of Neeraj, Kavi Pradeep and others. You cant imagine them penning anything unethical. Their songs on chhed-chhad also have a hidden sense of commitment and do not ridicule a gender. Their art of writing lyrics was to contain an ocean in a pond. Saying the maximum in a few words…and you have to revisit the lyrics multiple time to unfold each layer and savour it.

One such song, which I personally love for all its components including music, Waltz, Dev Anand and of course lyrics is Phoolo Ke Rang Se, Dil Ki kalam se, Tujhko Likhi roz pati

From the movie Prem Pujari, this song is creative genius in a sense. It doesn’t follow the traditional pattern of mukhda-antara, but is monotonously beautiful! Lyrics which give you creative high for the choices of words and expression and obviously you cant take your eyes off the ever handsome Dev Anand  🙂

“Baadal bijali chandan paani, jaisa apana pyaar
Lena hoga janam hame ki ki baar”

It takes a man to love a woman genuinely but it takes a gentleman to accept the differences between him and his lady and still hold the passion and let the love bloom! What beautiful writing, what beautiful song!


Originally written on 4 January 2018

Kalpana Swamy is a professional in corporate communications and brand consultancy. A music enthusiast, she is fanatically in love with Hindi Film Music. A classical trained Hindustani vocalist, Kalpana loves to sketch, do oil painting and write poetry in her spare time.


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  1. Very well written, I must say! Please share more music-related thoughts with us _()_ 🙂

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