Raahi tu mat ruk jaana, by Prasanna Vajandar

“Durr Gagan ki chaon mein”, movie by Kishore Films, a production company of Kishore Kumar himself. He launched Amit Kumar his son in this movie as the child artist who plays the role of a mute boy. I have always admired this song as it’s about hope, positivity, belief, and faith. Hemant Da’s voice indeed sounds like God’s voice, as has been said by many 🙂 If ever there was a divine place and was like Big Boss’s room, and God indeed would have been speaking to us one by one, I believe it would have been a voice like Hemant Da’s, soft and soothing to the soul. Here he is himself saying these lines regarding the almighty 🙂

“Sabka hai uparvala… sabko usi ne sambhaalaa
Jab bhi ghira gham ka andhera usne kiya ujiyalaa”

For me Hemant Da is “God’s Own Voice” or “Voice of God” and my this thought becomes stronger after I hear a few of my favorites like “Chupa lo yun dil mein pyaar” from Mamta…”Ganga aaye kahan se” from Kabuliwala, “Sooraj re jalte rehna” from Harishchandra Taramati, etc.

This is just divine!

The following couplet is so very true for each one of us in our daily lives. No point sitting and cribbing, whining about our circumstances. We must keep moving, coz the destination is not far away, the current tough phase is temporary and has come to make us stronger and to impart some teaching to us…it’s only when we welcome it and be open to face it that we come out of it happy and blessed.

“Raahi tu mat ruk jaana, toofan se mat ghabranaa
Kabhi to milegi teri manzil, kahin dur gagan ki chaon mein”

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! But you stay put…however deep the gorge is there is always a path to come out of it, we just need to be patient and have a strong self-belief and not stress about it.

“Maana ki gehri hai dhaaraa, par hai kahin to kinara
Tu bhi milaa asha ke sur mein, man kaa ye ektara”

Hats off to Shailendra for this epic poem!

I strongly feel even Kishore Kumar himself could have sung this song well, and wonder why he gave it to Hemant Da. Nevertheless, it seems to have been a perfect decision by him, and I guess this gesture was returned back beautifully by Hemant Da for his 1969 movie Khamoshi where he gave “Woh shyaam kuch ajeeb thi” to Kishore …..this is just my speculation, and better minds can educate me about this, since I have been curious about this for many years…


Prasanna Vajandar, originally from Goa, lives in Mumbai and is a busy voiceover artist.

One thought on “Raahi tu mat ruk jaana, by Prasanna Vajandar

  1. I do not have a good answer as to why Kishore took Hemant here, but on a lighter note, maybe Hemantda owed Kishore Kumar some money? Kidding 🙂
    Wonderful post, and love the song, with its Chinese Temple Blocks for percussion and that piercing Taar Shehnai!

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