Teri yaad dil se, by Vijay Kumar

Teri yaad dil se, bhulaane chalaa hoon
Ke khud apani hasti, mitaane chalaa hoon
घटाओं तुम्हे साथ देना पड़ेगा
कि मैं आज आंशू बहाने चला हूँ
Charlie Chaplin would have endorsed this, for he liked walking in the rains so that no one could see him crying! But here the tears are yet not shed. It is only a loud announcement as to intent and an invitation to the clouds to join with the empathizing rains!
The song is essentially a memorandum of intent – as to how our lovelorn hero will give vent to his grief:
– will expect the rains to abet as he cries;
– exhort his grief  to turn into a consuming blaze…gham-e-ishq le phoonk de mera daaman…and
–  will like himself to be the dust of the place where he once dreamt in togetherness…kabhi iss jagah khawab dekhe they maine, vahin khak apni udane chala hoon…from dream to dust, ironically though at a little variance with the biblical gospel…dust to dust!
The song in its lyrical intent and also in its cinematic context is a sad one. But the great Shankar-Jaikishan had put it on a foot-tapping melody and lilt,  leaving listeners to experience an up-mood, the down sentiments of the words notwithstanding! Did they–S-J,  really believe that life is a celebration its griefs included? Consider two other compositions, both celebrated and both handling tears: ai mere dil kahin aur chal…char aanshoo koi ro iya… (film Daag ) and the other one from Patita…andhe jahan ke andhe raaste…Iss paar aansoo, uss paar aahen, dil mera bezuban!  The pace, the verve is conspicuous! Not that the maestros’ repertoire was limited. Consider that sublime and sobering sadness of ye shaam ki tanhaiyaan….seene se laga teri yaad ko roti rahi main raat ko…(Aah ). But in the same film, Raja ki aayegi baaraat…nainon se hogi barsaat – a song that is essentially the lament of a jilted heart,  became such a celebratory rage in its time that it attended on and energized almost every baaraat in north India…the muted cry of a lonely heart becoming part of the boisterous drum beatings headed for the anticipated union of the waiting hearts! S-J indeed great for their music and Shailendra for his ‘teary’ words who also incidentally wrote the apparently-contrarian doctrine: hai sabse madhur wo geet jo hum dard ke sur me gaate hain!
Presently, teri yaad dil se…

Originally written on 24 May 2018
Exceptional thinker and writer Vijay Kumar was with The Ministry of Tourism, New Delhi, where he resides. He enjoys his children, dotes on his grandchildren, and loves Hindi film songs with meaningful lyrics

3 thoughts on “Teri yaad dil se, by Vijay Kumar

  1. Wow – always something new to learn from you, Vijay Kumar ji. Yes – the connection with those two songs, same pace and verve. I like your observation of this musician-duo “Did they–S-J, really believe that life is a celebration its griefs included?’ That is such a Sufi sentiment, isn’t it?
    Thank you so much for this, sir.

  2. Beautiful, the song and the connections you make with two other ‘teary’ songs composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, same pace and verve, sure 🙂

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