Tum gagan ke chandrama, by Madhur Trivedi

You may be familiar with this quote: I love you to the moon and back. The distance between the earth and the moon is 384,400 km (almost 32 earths) so that’s A lot of love! One that effectively declares your feelings for someone you hold dear – a partner, child, friend. I use it sometimes (usually for my children!), packing my emotions in a mere 8 words to convey the depth of my affection.

This song is such a beautiful exchange between two people deeply in love with one another. Each line is a dedication to the other and so well written by Bharat Vyas…Tum pooja-main pujari…tum sudha-main pyas…tum mahasaagar ki seema-main kinare ki leher…tum kaaya-main chhaaya…tum kshama-main bhool….to find love such as this is both good fortune and a blessing.

You start with this, build your personal edifice on a strong foundation, take it forward with your children, spread it to the larger family and let it permeate your everyday life. What more do you need? Only LOVE. Because that is actually what makes the world go round. And the only worthwhile legacy you will leave behind. People will forget everything else but not the way you treated them and made them feel. And that would be your true kamai. So if you haven’t expressed your love in a while, to someone you care for, anyone at all, do it today. And maybe ask the moon to help out 


Written obliquely about the moon, and posted on 25 August 2017

Madhur Trivedi is a homemaker who went to school and college in Delhi, where she still lives. She is a fine painter and writer. And a cerebral person, as well as a die-hard music buff


One thought on “Tum gagan ke chandrama, by Madhur Trivedi

  1. What a stunner of a song! And how beautifully have you spoken about it! Love the main point you make too Madhur, about making people feel loved and respected 🙂

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