Wo dil kahaan se laoon, by Madhur Trivedi and Anand Desai

Along with rich lyrics, Rajinder Krishan often wrote the dialogues for movies, and Bharosa was one such. Occasionally he did the screenplay too – Padosan, Man Mandir etc. So he was a consummate writer and his journey from that of a clerk (in Simla) to poet, to lyricist is a remarkable one and would probably make for a fascinating film.

My respect for this artist grew manifold in the last few years, and as his vast body of work gradually unfolded, I realised how many of my favourites had been penned by him. This poignant Lata number is definitely one of them…mere dil ne tujhko chaha, kya yahi meri khata hai…maana khata hai lekin, aisi toh na sazaa de…

His ability to understand the psyche of a woman is enviable, and one that most men would wish for no doubt! His words for this wonderful Ravi composition faithfully echo what his admirers would likely feel about his absence…woh dil kahan se layen teri yaad jo bhula de…humein yaad aanewale, koi raasta bata de…


Madhur Trivedi is a homemaker who went to school and college in Delhi, where she still lives. She is a fine painter and writer. And a cerebral person, as well as a die-hard music buff

Originally written On Rajinder Krishan’s birthday, 6th June 2018


Here’s a learned value-addition to the above post by Anand Desai, seen above with Falguni, his wife:

Pehle jaan le lete ho aisey song post kar ke…phir hamey kuch likhne ka mood aaa jata hai…Madhur Trivediji wallah…Raag Pahadi and Taal Keherwa

Ravi’s delicate arrangement is a highlight of how a Music Director elevates the sensitivity of the lyrical pathos…

Mere dil ne tujhko chaha, kya yeh meri khata hai?

Mana khataa hai lekin aisi to na sazaa de … absolute submission in love!

Ravi has used the vibraphone as a fulcrum in this song…all through it plods with a single stroke but creates multiple emotions…excellently! The instrument was played by Buji Lord who worked closely with Ravi… Music 1 (the first interlude) from 0.48 starts with a combo of a single soft violin and a flute and then group violins shatter the peace from 0.57 until the sitar softens the flow again…

Rajinder Krishan seeps so much misery into the romance…Rehne de mujhko apne kadamon ki khaak bankar…[2] Joh nahi tujhe gawaraa, mujhe khaak me mila de…

Ravi then transforms the second interlude with strong mandolin strokes…

The song fades out with Lata fading it out with the mukhda and a long shot of Asha Parekh on a cliff so well captured!


Anand Desai is a Managing Director of a busy company located in South Mumbai, but his heart and mind are in music! He even plays rhythm instruments with professional felicity.

3 thoughts on “Wo dil kahaan se laoon, by Madhur Trivedi and Anand Desai

  1. Truly delighted! ? Truly humbled ?? Thank you Manek, for always encouraging the writer in me/us, it’s a huge motivation to keep on writing, no matter the odds!
    I like the perspective story, awaiting the aspect on Lata Mangeshkar, perhaps it’ll come from you ?

  2. What a beautiful post Madhur, and what wonderful observations by Anand too! While you have looked at the lyrical content and how we all may miss this extraordinary writer, Anand has spoken so well about the instruments used in this remarkable song…my salute to both of you _()_ _()_

    Your two perspectives do remind me of the story of six blindfolded men who are asked to identify a huge elephant. One comes away touching the tail and thinks it was a snake, another feels a leg and announces it was a tree and so on. In the above case, perhaps someone will discover another aspect and say Hey, this was Lata Mangeshkar 🙂

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