Yeh dil tum bin kaheen lagta naheen, by Soudamini Bose

“What do I do?”

She wants a straight answer: Yes or no…

“Bujha do aag dil ki…ya isse khul kar hava de do…”

He thinks she will get someone better…

“Jo iska mol de paaye, use apni wafa de do…”

She wants to know exactly what he feels…it’s really difficult to go on like this…what should she do?

“Tumhaare dil mein kya hai bas humein itna pataa de do
Ke ab tanhaa safar kat-ta nahi hum kyaa karen?”

He is lost, unsure, what can he do?

“Lute dil mein diyaa jaltaa nahi, hum kyaa karen?”

It’s only him for her…

“Ye dil tum bin kahin lagtaa nahi hum kyaa karen?”

A subtle war of words between two people, both helpless in their own way…both unwilling to give in…

That was Sahir for you… But was this just about two characters in a film? Or was it a reflection of his own apprehension maybe?

Mohd. Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar have rendered this song beautifully. She offers a certain helplessness in her voice, in trying to convince him…and he, an apprehension…a fear of love.

Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s composition is so very Indian, so very melodious.

This one is MIH in my musical world for sure 🙂 *

PS: Please don’t adjust the brightness on your monitor or phone, Dharmendra has used makeup to look dark 🙂 Part of his role 🙂


(This essay was penned on 28th July 2016)

*(MIH is an acronym for Made in Heaven).

Music-obsessed and tech-savvy Soudamini Bose, originally from Bombay, lives in Shanghai with her husband Ravi and son, Aditya. Her upbringing and young age place her at the listening intersect of music from everywhere, especially old Hindi film music, and lots of the new kind. Music keeps her famous soaring spirits up there!

4 thoughts on “Yeh dil tum bin kaheen lagta naheen, by Soudamini Bose

  1. Soudamini, I love the part of this being a reflection of Sahir’s own apprehensions. About both being “helpless”, I agree.” unwilling to give in” – hmmm… a little tricky here, as they both actually ‘give in’ to their apprehensions and hesitations. Unwilling to give “up” their individual fears, maybe?
    Beautifully deconstructed! In true Mills & Boon style, the hero here is even tall, *dark* and handsome! 🙂

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